​​​​​Cherry Pie   $30.00 to $40.00 per pie

If you want Cherry Pies in July or August place your orders now for the Southbays best 3 pound, lattice cherry.

We support the California Cherry crop, however. Washington state crops up quick, they have had lots of rain this last year. if theres a bright early spring with a yellow sun summer the Cherries should be unbelieveably good. 

 Raineer, Olympia, Bing, varigated, Pink and hopefully yellow

As we draw closer to cherry season we will let you know which varieties are available. 

Some varieties are more expensive than others, so be expected to pay up to $40 for your pie.

Call us now at 310 374 2323  reserve yourCherry Pie for some true summer dining.

apple pies             $30.00

we carefully select our pie apples under the following criteria

 they must be non GMO, they must be Barn apples not warehouse apples.

they must be from the Pacific Northwest and they must be in season.

our Apple pies are big fat and juicy. the Crust is golden flaky and buttery with just the right amount of sugar. we prefer to not macerate or poach our barn apples in sugar, green granny smith are tart we like tart and we temper the pie with a couple teaspoon of sugar on the crust giving you the option of how much you ingest. sugar is not bad for you. either butter nor salt. its all about the portion and how much exercise you get on a daily basis. a rough estimate of the caloric content of a 9 OZ slice of our apple pie is around 270 calories all perfectly easy to metabolize and easy to shed. its pie made from cottonseed oil and hfcs they need to remove with a vacuum hose!

we have fresh baked apple pie daily and you should try one of our old world apple strudel during the weekends, straight from the bavarian hinter lands into your TUMMY!! I learned how to make Strudel in Lucerne' Switzerland whilst there to conduct a series of  wine tastings for some physicists, ask me about it next time you are in our shop. I have thousands of recipes and an equal number of humorous anecdotes from my 11 years living and selling wine in Europe.

blackberry loganberry blueberry boysenberry

ebullient, bright, juicy, moorish, velvety caviar bubbles and little balls of sweet purple flavor. our berry pies are unequaled and large. whenever I was purchasing for hotel kitchens or Winery Food functions I kept three

key things in mind, freshness, flavor and presentation. I always consider how much i'm spending per serve not as a whole. so when I wanted to impress guests whom I was unfamiliar and treat people to something more upscale or nicer, you can expect to pay $14.00 to $24.00 at a 4 or 5 star restaurant for a slice of cherry crumble or cake.

$6 or $7 per serve is not really that much, especially when you know it is high quality and made by a master chef.

I developed our Berry pies to impress the most ardent food aficionado,

having worked with food and wine snobs and critics all over the world has prepared me for the most difficult task at hand...impressing the overburdened overworked under appreciated housewife!

i like to reflect with customers of the burdens and joys of entertaining.

often, we may find ourselves reticent to eat at the neighbors, perhaps the bbq was a bit off the last time, or perhaps it wasn't her cooking that gave you the Aztec two step, maybe it was something you ate at the office.

NEVER FEAR!! if you know dinner is going to be garbage or close to than rescue the crappy meal with a glorious berry pie from Hermosa Pie!!

a sure way to get all the guests to gobble through the yuck, knowing a juicy berry pie is awaiting!! 

one of the reasons we are busy all of the time besides having the best pies

is that I am always looking for new forms of food integrity, sales will keep us busy. Making pies will keep us busy. but instead of becoming a HUMAN DOING I will Fight to remain a HUMAN BEING because I have integrity. we never lie, we never bull shit anyone. life is way too short to make a fast buck and burn your neighbors. we believe in food integrity like Karma and like the teachings of the good lord.

dont lie, dont steal, do not omit false hoods and love what you do.

thats why we survived when everyone else closed. because we love you.

and we know you deserve the real thing. we love you because WE are working class people  trying to give something back to our children

. we love our country. We know you love America too. thats why we ask for your help in educating yourselves about nutrition and ethical ingredient purchasing.       all actions have an outcome.

thats why we sleep well at night.

We make pies that are safe for breastfeeding moms. I cant think of anything more dear and worth protecting. god bless our Mothers and god bless this country. we live for the day when America is once again governed by the people not evil corporate empires

when folks say our pies seem pricey, we ask them, Compared to what??

think about the permanent genetic damage you do to yourself and what you eat you pass onto your unborn child.

​Hermosa Pie & Cake Co. 

Cream Pie's

Our Cream Pies are BIG! Our cream pies stand about 6 inches tall and weigh over 3 pounds. Made from only the best natural ingredients available.  You have the options of one of two heavenly crusts. our chocolate crunch crust, which is served beneath the following AMAZING FRESH FILLINGS...


(coconut chocolate banana) ..................45

chocolate peanut butter ...............35 

Dark chocolate cream ....................35 

Organic Coconut Cream pie .....40

Boysenberry cream pie .............45 

Our "proprietary vanilla white chocolate fluffy crunch crust" can be enjoyed with the following killer fillings!  ​"say that three times fast  !!"

                                                   Chef Wallace

Banana cream .....................................35

caramel cream ....................................35 

key lime ...................................................35

lemon cream ................................35 

raspberryorloganberry cream ..........35

Ive got my eye on pie.

check out these rad websites devoted to Consumers concerned about eating Corporate TOXINS ....

#1. UC S.F. library look up ..finding consumer health information on the internet

#2. www.healthline.com

#3. (cspi) centers for science in the public interest

you can also choose to look ingredients up and draw your own conclusions, start with the national library of medicine.

since I opened Hermosa Pie I have been trying to produce fresh fabulous yummy things to a wide audience who understand more than the average  American about consumer health. people will either stay and listen to one of my informative rants or they wont. the intention is to get people to get out of the habit of buying grocery store food and ready meals. staying fit and healthy is a major part of our lives. my son and I are very fit because we NEVER eat ready meals and fast food, we ALWAYS read labels that are marketed to look (healthy) but are in all actuality carrying a dizzy array of chemical toxins. WE ALWAYS READ LABELS!!!  so should you!

here is a quick glance at some of the ingredients in our compettiors pies....


unbelievable!! 57 ingredients all understated and printed in MICRO PRINT so you cant possibly read what you are eating!! All of them labelled to look harmless when in actuality ALL of them are known Carcinogens!! ALL of them known by the CDC to cause congenital birth defects!!

what has happened to US? when did our beautiful healthy nation become a sell out?

What happened to the American Mothers who would fight the PTA? What happened to the great American mothers who would stand up against crooked organised corporations whom profit from your children's consumption of toxic garbage! where are the mothers to fight this new evil??

I remember Benzene in soda pop and how hard it was to win that fight to get it removed from the food chain.

I remember Thalidomide, when the evil Pharmaceutical companies got young American girls lined up and injected them with the new wonder birth control!!

What has happened to our mothers who would fight for what their babies were eating?

I will tell you whats happened. Our mothers have all been placed on Abilify (aripiprazole) to ease their depression because little johnny has severe A.D.D.. now mommy cant fight the evil corporate monsters cause mommies hooked on abilify which makes mommy very COMpliant and agreeable, sorry johnny, mommies not able to think anymore shes been pacified with pharmaceuticals and if she stops taking them...Mommy will commit suicide!!

The perfect way for Monsanto to get rid of the evidence and get away with what they have achieved, the retardation of spinal and cerebral development during human embryonic development and the destruction of our children's bodies ability to produce Mylin.

Then getting mom to kill herself for drinking colas and eating snacks out of a bag when she was pregnant. That's what the Big food corporations have in store for all of us. mildly mentally disabled populace able to perform menial tasks for subsistence living, completely unable to formulate an argument for themselves, parents unable to function due to addiction... all the while Dow, Monsanto, Unilever and Kraft foods carve their slice of the American pie!!

our pies have only 6 ingredients FRUIT, FLOUR, ICE WATER, BUTTER, SALT, GRANULATED SUGAR. THAT'S IT!!

All OF our pies last for 6 days in the fridge, or six months in the freezer.