​Hermosa Pie & Cake Co. 

 Our Customers Rule !!

Bienvenue! ​Aloha! Bienvenidos! Velkommen! 

Since we were able to survive these first three into four years since opening, I would like to say thank you very much for being there!

we watched 5 bakeries open and ultimately shut over these 4 years in the South Bay, We feel that the average consumer has become more aware of the potential to have long term health issues when eating corn starch, artificial flavorants and High Fructose Corn Syrup.

We love you and your continued support of our small family bakery means that I can send my son to school and continue my fight against ignorance and complacency among MY FELLOW AMERICAN CONSUMER. We vow to continue the fight against corrupt food corporations and slow the stranglehold that Monsanto has on your unborn child's spinal cord.

 Our customers will never be fed chemical slop from a tub or box, all of the fruit that we use comes from America! We specialise in purchasing from small farms across the Pacific North West. 

We constantly scan the LA Farmers Market for amazing one off cases and bespoke fruit production orchards which gaurantee IN SEASON fruit from the beautiful Pacific North straight to your table!!

you should feel pretty amazed..we  start work at three am.

each time up-scale, high-end customer service focused grocery stores here in southern Ca.purchase and re-sell fruit from Non-U.S. Soil, thousands of tons of Carbon monoxide is released into our planets atmosphere, Just so some emotionally challenged socialite can throw her Cherry Jubilee in February!!

​It fills us with sadness and a certain dread when we see American voters not demanding American fruit and the preservation of dignified middle class American farm Jobs.

Amigos! con Amigas!!

Madres con Padres' todos fresca! hecho a Mano'

Frutas Fresca con Naturales!! bien por la Ninos! no Soy Solimente para todos Humanidas!!!

non Chemical, non preservativos! no ingredientales pelegroso, claro?            

​​Here at Hermosa Pie, we use only the freshest, all natural pacific northwest fruit. We do not buy fruit from countries outside of the US and parts of Canada, the dual purpose being an attempt to reduce the carbon emissions produced by the freighters and aircraft needed to transport that fruit to U.S. stores,whilst preserving migrant workers jobs and protecting the interests of local farmers. I opened the bakery in an effort to have quality of life. inadvertently, because I'm an outspoken hippie EARTH LOVER, I spend more and more of my time trying to steer people away from mass produced store bought Pie's and Cakes which have been sprayed, gassed, injected, waxed, GMO'd or irradiated by large food corporations, nationally recognized pie chains, chemical corporations like DOW & Monsanto. whom I truly believe are the Devil in Carnate. 

when pregnant parents eat like idiots they have kids that act like idiots

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Chef Wallace