​Hermosa Pie & Cake Co. 

Hermosa Pie and Cake is amongst several authorized food establishments ​operating in the South Bay. please find the following links helpful for a south bay trial emergency home food deliveery system. we will be providing information as we get it from beach cities health district and the easy reader news paper as we are directly in contact with them presently. we understasnd that citizens cannot subsist on fast food. Hermosa Pie is currently selling vegetairian shephers pie. We are producing the following whilst we are able to purchase fresh IQF (immidiately quick frozen) fruit. 

apple pie

blueberry pie

blackberry pie  

there is between 2 1/2 to 3lbs of fruit in each pie. no fillers, or thickeners used. and approximately one cup of sugar, we use Zulka Organic, non gmo sugar. its unrefined which makes it easier to metabolize. 

our pies are made from 5 ingredients. flour, water, salted butter, fruit and sugar.

the veg shepherds pie

the same scottish short crust pastry. flour, water, salted butter.

1 1/2 pounds of mash potato (with james farm half and half added)

sauteed onion ( in olive oil)

green onion


seasonal squash 


fresh parsley (italian or american)


crushed black pepper

this is a cover top pie. finished off with a butter garlic wash and fresh Asiago romano

this is a hearty, savory pie which adds protien, vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates and natural vegetable roughage. 

it is essential to have balanced meals. this pie offers three of the following benefits.

A complete serving of your 5 a day. 

there are six full servings per pie. 

and its only $35

because we have a california business licence we are able to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables from business wholesalers in dopwntown LA. the variety of fresh fruit and veg from California and Oregon is changing rapidly. we will continue to provide the best selection and quantity of vegetables and fruit currently available on the market.  

We wiol be following te market very closely. Regarding logistics, California food shipping, and availability. 

our hours are the following.